The logo of Beijing Shougang International Engineering Technology Co., Ltd. is mainly composed of three parts, the logo of Shougang "SG", the capital letter "G" and the English abbreviation of the company "BSIET". The artistic transformation of the capital letter "G" encircles the company's English abbreviation "BSIET" and holds up the "SG" the logo of Shougang, which means as follows:


        (1)The letter "G" is derived from the logo "SG", which implies the historical origin of the company from the reorganization and development of a subsidiary of Shougang Group; (2) the letter "G" looks like a globe, which implies the strategic direction of the company's development towards international market and international engineering company; (3)The letter "G" comes from the initials of the Chinese pinyin of the company's abbreviation "Shougang, International, Engineering, Corporate"; (4)The artistic transformation of the letter "G" is full of dynamism and extends to the distance, it represents the corporate’ spirit of “open, innovative, realistic, self-improvement”, and implies unlimited broad space for development.


        The logo of BSIET is made up of two colors, molten iron red and science & technology blue. Molten iron red shows that the company mainly takes the steel industry as main service sector, it symbolizes vitality and prosperity; Science & technology blue indicates that the company always takes science and technology innovation as the supreme pursuit of core competitiveness, it symbolizes the innovation spirit of leading technology and never stopping.