Engineering and Technology is sponsored by Beijing Shougang International Engineering Technology Co., Ltd. and is an inside materials' publication approved by Beijing municipal bureau of press and publication, holding printing permit of inside materials' publication. Engineering and Technology is a semi-annual publication, which is a comprehensive technical publication. It mainly publishes articles that can reflect engineering science and technological innovation, science and technological innovation platform construction/management system construction/management system innovation in terms of metallurgical engineering/municipal engineering/energy and environment, etc. of Beijing Shougang International Engineering Technology Co., Ltd. It highlights the contents of project general contracting, scientific and technological innovation, subject research, management and innovation.


●  Issue 1, 2018
Research and application of Shougang Jingtang pelletizing fume treatment
Innovation and application of Baogang 624 m2 large scale straight grate pelletizing design
Theory research on SG60 type coke oven wall thinning
Optimization analysis of water cooled air tight box pressure difference control of BSIET Extra large scale BF
Finite element analysis of the crop shear design and stand of silicon steel preparing unit 
Research and design of telescoped coil renovation device
Brief analysis of bar on-line derusting spraying system
BIM application of 3-D garage for bus project in No.2 General Machinery Plant
Optimization design research and application of product based on AD and TRIZ
Establishment and implementation of “Three-standard Integration” management and monitor system of BSIET
●  Issue 2, 2017
Research and application of the influence of rich oxygen on indurating performance of hematite pellet
Design and optimization of cooling system of #2 BF bell-less top of Special steel in Qingdao
Optimization design of gas distribution device of stuffing tower
Technology analysis of physical and chemical characteristics and phosphorus enrichment of BOF steel slag
Innovation and application of the first case of intelligent new energy steel coil transportation system
Research on the influence of lubrication mode on the service life of coil pallet transportation equipment
Summary of optimization measures of 100,000 m3 cylindrical oil sealing gas holder design
Research on fuel consumption and steam product output of supplementary-fired sintering waste heat utilization 
Research on temperature distribution characteristics of urban underground road
Research and innovation on the construction of science and technology innovation system in BSIET
●  Issue 1, 2017
Design optimization and production practice on domestic first HIsmelt industrial device
Development and prospect of direct reduction technology for gas-based shaft furnace
Application and development of heat recovery coking technology
Research on the application of TX-21 type low temperature SCR catalyst in the pilot test of denitration of coke oven flue gas
Application of thermal desorption technology in soil remediation production line of Shougang
Research and development of CCMF-EMS online multi-flow synchronous position adjusting device
Design and research on slag pot grating plate production line
The method to increase the elongation control accuracy of straightening line with torque control
The application of 3kV crane power supply system in steelmaking engineering of Shougang Qiangang company matching and optimizing project.
The application of fuel gas infrared ray radiation heating in steel plate further processing plant
●  Issue 2, 2016
Innovation and application of Shougang Jingtang 504m2 straight grate pelletizing technology
Application of CFD in the development of coke oven sectional heating technology
New technology adopted in Xianggang #3 BF relocated renovation project
Optimizing design and research of interface process of iron & steel making
Research on hot metal ladle with cap for insulation and energy saving technology
The technology of straight rolled strip production without heating of BSIET
Research and application of wide plate roller disc cooling bed equipment
Design of umbrella type top with inner cylinder micro internal pressure storage tank
Research and application of“one can to the end”layout pattern of iron & steel making interface
3-D model construction and research based on CityMaker platform
●  Issue 1, 2016
The development direction of low carbon and green BF iron making technology in the future
Application and progress of bell-less top technology for BSIET extra large BF
Research and application of efficiency matching technology for BFG
Discussion on coal charging and dedusting new technology of coke oven
Discussion on adjusting brick arrangement at coke oven chute port 
Application of hot metal ladle injection dephosphorization in stainless steel making process with new one-step method
Research and application of conprehensive utilization technology of primary dedusting ash of converter 
Improvement of hydraulic control valve platform of billet CCM tilting cooling bed
Development and application of stainless steel compound steel plate technology
Discussion and application of process innovation and energy saving technology of cold rolled fuel gas system
Application and research of 3-D laser scanning technology in the structure measurement of industry building 
Whole process innovative management of BSIET EPC project during transformation period
●  Issue 2, 2015
Application of enclosed material yard in enclosed renovation of Shougang material yard
Thermal power coupling analysis of billet in CCM mold
Design characteristic of sliding plate slag stopping hydraulic system of Shougang Qiangang converter
Development and application analysis of electrical steel product production process technology
Brief analysis of continuous casting billet steering transportation equipment
Brief introduction of design characteristic of stelmor cooling line process of Guigang quality wire-rod
Design and application of new type hot rolling and for finishing descaling box
Theory analysis of rinsing pump selection of Shougang Qiangang hot rolling strip pickling line
Research on waste heat boiler and steam turbine technology in 50 MW CCPP
Design and research of underground pipeline management system of Shougang main plant area
Brief analysis of risk identification of integrated equipment export project
Causes of engineering design changes and suggestions for improvement
A new generation of pioneering steel mills constructed in Arkansas State, USA
●  Issue 1, 2015
Summary of COG wet type desulphurization process
3-D parametric design and integration of COG desulphurization tower
Design and analysis of hydraulic lifting follow-up circuit of CCM ladle shroud manipulator
Comparison of application of normal combustion and regenerative combustion technology of walking beam type reheating furnace in 2250mm hot rolling project of Shougang Jingtang Iron & Steel company.
Commissioning analysis of oil lubrication system of strip cross cutting line disc shear
Brief analysis of billet charging table of bar & wire rod production line
Example analysis of influence on oil cleanliness
Design practice of the rain water drainage building of the main plant roof of Shougang Jingtang Iron & Steel Company.
Discussion of optimization measures of 150,000 m3 circular oil sealing gas holder design
Exploration and application of multi-stage combined new process in petrochemical waste water
Research on optimization design of high level water tank
Product quality and process control of newly built bar and coil production line
●   Issue 2, 2014
Application and analysis of comprehensive treatment technology of sintering and pelletizing fume
Research on model experiment of Shougang type bell-less top burden movement
Analysis and research of weighing hopper sealing head of BF bell-less top
Design and application of micron mist spray dedusting technology
Contrastive analysis of numerical simulation of flow field inside the primary deduster with and without retaining wall
Design and research of dedusting process and equipment of large scale scrap mobile cutting hood in steel making plant
Research on configuration and production organization of reheating furnace of bar and wire-rod production line
Optimization and selection of high pressure water descaling nozzle of stainless steel billet
Research and application of high-speed wire-rod vertical coil core frame coil collecting system
Electric power quality control proposal of Shuigang prime bar project



●  2014年第1期





首钢京唐2 250 mm热轧工程3号步进式加热炉的技术改造