BSIET creatively puts forward the main theoretical basis to construct the scientific and technological innovation system. Starting from the three aspects of technological innovation system, mechanism and capability, it implemented technological innovation project and created high economic benefits

        Based on the development strategy of "led by science and technology and driven by innovation" , it takes science and technology management guiding principles of "improving innovation system, enhancing innovation capability, meeting user needs, pursuing technology leadership and achieving leapfrog development", and it takes science and technology development topic establishment principles of "advanced and practical simultaneously, technology development and technology reserve in parallel, and technology development and achievement transformation for equal importance". It adopts double-wheel drive development, which is the steel industry and non-steel industry. The steel industry is oriented to technological innovation of process optimization/advanced production technology and equipment of steel products/efficient utilization and recycling of energy/metallurgical and social waste treatment, absorption and recycling. The non-steel industry is oriented to technological innovation of green buildings/urban water supply, power supply, heating, etc. / air and water pollution/soil remediation/urban waste treatment, etc. / intelligent transportation, power grid, building, etc.

        Based on the theory of technological innovation management, rational allocation of scientific and technological resources and technological management process reengineering, the technological innovation project is implemented from three aspects of technological innovation system, mechanism and capability. System construction is the guarantee of innovation project, mechanism construction is the core of innovation project, system and mechanism cooperate and support each other, and capacity building is the purpose of implementing innovation project. BSIET grasps these three key links, optimizes the allocation of scientific and technological resources and the process of scientific and technological management, improves the quality and efficiency of scientific and technological management, and uses systematic thinking science to promote the overall and in-depth development of technological innovation in enterprises and realize the systematic innovation and collaborative innovation of scientific and technological innovation management.

        BSIET was awarded the "Twelfth Five-Year Plan" advanced scientific and technological unit in China's iron and steel industry. 


        Key Projects in the National Science & Technology Planning undertaken by BSIET: 

        National Key Technology R&D Program in the "11th Five Year Plan" of china

        “New Generation Recyclable Iron and Steel Making Flow Technology”, "Long Campaign and Intensified Metallurgical Gas Dry Dedusting Technology" , “Technology of Super Large BF System” and “Technical Integration of New Generation Iron and Steel Process Flow”.  

        Major Industrial Projects of National Development and Reform Commission

        Blast Furnace High Blast Temperature Technical Research 

        Funding Project of New Generation National Talents Engineering

        Technical Development on High Efficient and Long Service Life of Top Combustion Stove 

        Science and Technology Planning Projects of Chinese Academy of Engineering

        Improvement of Development Strategy Research of Self-reliant Design Capacity of Products (Steel Plant Process Flow Design) 

        National Key Technology R&D Projects in the "12th Five Year Plan" of china

        R&D and Application of Industrialization Technology for Large and Medium-scale Seawater Desalination - R&D and Demonstration of 50,000 t/d Power and Water Co-generation and Thermal Film Coupling  

        National High-tech Research and Development Program (863 Program)

        Study on Service Behavior and Preparation Technology of Super Stainless Steel in Typical Extreme Environment  

        Consulting and Research Projects of China Academy of Engineering

         Engineering Methodology--Research on Design Method of Iron and Steel Metallurgical Engineering 

        National Key R&D Plan for the 13th Five-Year Plan

        Optimum Design and Demonstration of Large Low Temperature Multi-effect Seawater Desalination Unit

        Utilization Technology of Seawater Desalination Concentrated Salt Water

        Processing and Manufacturing Technology for Key Equipment of Seawater Desalination

        Study on High Proportion Pellet Blast Furnace Smelting and Co-operation Technology of Material Flow at Iron-Steel Interface

        Beijing Science & Technology Planning Projects undertaken by BSIET: 

        Construction of Public Service Platform for Beijing Design Industry Demonstration Base -- Steel Engineering Design Test Service Platform Project 

        Comprehensive Science and Technology Service and Collaborative Innovation of "Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei" Steel Engineering

        Design Optimization of Green Assembled High-rise Steel Structure Residence System

        Desulfurization and Denitrification Technology of Coke Oven Flue Ga

        Beijing Science & Technology Innovation Platform achieved by BSIET

        Technical Research Center of Beijing Municipal Metallurgical Three-Dimensional Simulation Design Engineering 

        Beijing Design Innovation Centre

        Enterprise Technology Centre of Beijing City

        Beijing Patent Pilot Unit

        Beijing Patent Demonstration Unit

        Laboratory of BSIET

        Sintering & Pelletizing Engineering Laboratory

        Metallurgical Engineering Laboratory

        Electrics & Automation Engineering Laboratory

        Seawater Desalination and Water Treatment Laboratory

        BSIET established the integrated cooperation system of “production, teaching, research and application” 

        It actively and extensively carries out "production, teaching, research and application” cooperation with Tsinghua University, Beijing University of Science and Technology, General Institute of Iron and Steel Research, Wuhan University of Science and Technology, Yanshan University, Zhejiang University and other research institutes, as well as Shougang Jingtang, Shougang Qiangang, Shouqin and other iron and steel enterprises, and promotes the rapid implementation of scientific and technological achievements.

        BSIET is the Vice Chairman Unit of China Urban Underground Utility Tunnel Industry Alliance

        With the aim of "guiding industrial development and promoting technological innovation", adhering to the concept of "government guidance, scientific and technological support, enterprise participation, cooperation and win-win", taking the demand of technological innovation in the industrialization of comprehensive pipe gallery as the guidance, taking the formation of core competitiveness of the industry as the goal, and relying on national guiding funds and policies, the Alliance establishes technological innovation system which combines "production, teaching, research, application and maintenance" and market promotion system, focusing on the comprehensive pipe gallery policy research, standard promotion, technology innovation services, market development services, investment and financing services, urban construction consulting, personnel training, exhibition and other alliance business, to create a one-stop comprehensive pipe gallery investment construction and operation management service platform, and leading the future development direction of the comprehensive pipe gallery industry mode.