Typical Projects

       As a member of Beijing surveying and mapping membership, appointed underground pipeline measurement unit of Beijing planning committee, system member of Beijing GNSS surveying and mapping service system, BSIET can undertake industrial resource transformation and mapping, old community transformation and mapping, geology mapping, underground pipeline mapping and urban surveying and mapping, etc.  Through 3 dimensional GIS, 3D laser scanning technique, geographic information system, etc., BSIET apply all those advanced technique to mapping and surveying project and provide data support of general, and accuracy for project planning and construction.  Lately, we have provide more than hundreds of surveying and mapping service for more than 50 customers. 

       3D laser scanning technique is also called real scene copy technique, which could attain 3D data of real object surface with high accuracy, and high speed. It will fully send all the real information of object to computer, to provide data support for transformation, reverse project of old building and equipment, as well as 3D module construction of the objective.  Since 2015, we have started multiple 3D scanning project, like east gate relocation of Shougang Group, west ten silo of winter Olympics, and provide drawing and data for building and equipment, as well as successful support for project execution. 

3D GIS is the information reflection of city real scene space, and new approach of city planning and operation management. ​​​

Underground pipeline information management system of Shougang group won the second prize of 2015 national metallurgical industry. 

West ten silo 3D GIS of Shougang High-end Industry Service

3D GIS of New-Shougang High-end comprehensive Industrial Service Area

Shougang Group geology map and underground pipeline, 8.52 square kilometre, detected underground pipeline 712 miles, 1:500 geology and underground pipeline complex drawing.  BSIET won 2014 national great mapping and surveying bronze prize. 

Caofeidian coordination's development demonstration project, 21.4 square kilometres mapping and surveying, won the second prize of 2017 Beijing great mapping and surveying geology information project. 


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