Typical Projects

       Through the successful implementation of several projects, Shougang International Engineering Co., Ltd. has gained a series of superior technologies and rich practical experience in the transformation of industrial park relics, and has unique technical advantages in rational planning, circular economy and environmental protection. In the Beijing municipal government work report 2018, it proposes to build the new Shougang high-grade industrial comprehensive service park into a "new landmark of urban renewal", and that is what Shougang international Engineering Company is making contributions to achieve. 




       Shougang Industrial Park Reconstruction Planning

       The new Shougang high-grade industrial comprehensive service area (hereinafter referred to as Shougang Park), covering an area of 8.63km², is the only large-scale and co-development area in the urban area of Beijing. It is located in the south of extension line of West Chang’an Street, Gucheng,Shijingshan District ,. Shougang Industrial Park has been included in the first batch of pilot projects for the transformation of old industrial areas in urban areas, pilot areas for the comprehensive reform of the national service industry, experiment area for national sustainable development, Zhongguancun national independent innovation demonstration area, national smart city pilot, and the first C40 positive climate model area in China.



     Shougang West Ten Silo Transformation      

      West Ten silo transformation project is to modify the silos and other industrial facilities into a cultural and creative space. The project design won the 2014 Asia-Pacific Business Pioneer Award. Now it becomes the office of Beijing 2022 Winter Olympic Games Organizing Committee.



       BF Modification and Design

       Smelting blast furnace reformation, building size of about 49,800㎡. By making use of the BF’s shape characteristics, will change it into a museum which includes underground garage, underwater exhibition hall and museum outbuildings. The design won the Silver Award of Beijing Youth Architectural Creative Design.


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