Superior Technology

        The activated coke drying purification technology has functions of “five-in-one”, i.e., desulfurization, denitrification, dioxin removal, heavy metal removal and dedusting, as well as recovery of SO2. No waste water, waste residue, waste gas and secondary pollution will be produced, which conforms to the circular economy.

       Semi-dry desulfurization +SCR denitration technology has advantages of high utilization rate of desulfurizer, high denitration efficiency, low water consumption, safe and reliable device, low operation cost, small occupied area and stable index.

       The uniformity of smoke flow field, temperature field and NOx concentration distribution is mainly determined by CFD flow field simulation, cold test, initial design of flue duct and arrangement of guide plate, and the mode of flow field of engineering under construction is verified through independently designing and by entrusting to FOX Corporation, Denmark, and also physically verified by making physical model in order to ensure the uniformity of flow field.   

       Differential ammonia spray grating

       BSIET has mastered the design and control of the ammonia spray grating (AIG), the core part of the denitrification system, which can independently adjust the amount of ammonia spraying at each point within the 2D range of the flue section, so that the reductant and the flue gas can be mixed according to the designed ammonia/nitrogen mole ratio before reaching the catalyst in order to match NOx concentration, it can effectively solve the problem of excessive ammonia spraying and avoid NH4HSO4 blocking GGH.

Integrated process features of desulphurization and dedusting by dense phase dry tower


Approach to realize

1、High efficient desulphurization

With a large volume of desulphurization tower, high desulphurizing agent circulation rate of in desulphurizing system and high ash concentration in side tower, the fume and desulphurizing agent have a full contact, which realizes a multilevel series semi-dry" process and ensure the desulphurization efficiency is more than 99%.

2、High synchronous rate

With the outside circulation of desulfurization ash multiline and multiple guarantee of system, it can realize a full synchronous operation with the main production line.

3、High synergy

Harmful matters such as HCL, HF, mercury, heavy metal, dioxins and so on can be removed simultaneously.

4、Less land occupation

The integrated arrangement of desulfurization and dedusting makes full use of the longitudinal space and reduces the occupied area of the system.

5、Less overdraft

While meeting the ultra-low emission standard of the iron and steel industry, the comprehensive investment of dense phase dry tower technology can save more than 1/3 than that of the activated coke process, and more than 1/5 than that of the wet desulfurization process (including the facility investment of desulfurization, white smoke removal, wet EPC, wastewater treatment of desulfurization and others). 

6、Less operation cost

With a small pressure drop of system (single tower proper <500Pa),  the power of main induced fan is low, so that the power consumption is saved; with a low calcium sulfur ratio(1.2~1.4), desulphurizing agent is saved; with a lower temperature (20~30℃), the required energy for subsequent denitration is saved; With a simple operation and maintenance, workforce is saved.

7、Zero waste water

As the process water of desulfurization and dedusting system is less consumed, the whole system is in dry state with zero waste water and the anti-corrosion is not needed for tower proper and chimney.

8、No hardening

The activity of circulating desulphurizing agent is greatly improved as the agent is premixed with water outside the tower and then enters into reactor, so as to avoid its hardening inside the tower.

9、No collapse of bed layer

The whole tower is dense phase without any bed layer or clean fume circulation.

10、No white smoke

Fume temperature at outlet is higher than dew point, no need fume reheating emission, no white smoke.

Typical projects

Fume desulphurization project for 2 X 4.0MTPA traveling grate pelletizing of Shougang Jingtang Phase 2;

Shougang Jingtang 2 X 550m2 sintering fume desulphurization project;

Shugang Qiangang 1.2MTPA pelletizing fume desulphurization project;
4.0 MTPA traveling grate pelletizing fume treatment project of Shougang Jingtang;
Fume desulphurization of Yuhe Yongtong 1.2MTPA pellet in Anyang;
2.4MTPA pellet fume desulphurization of Shougang Mining Co.


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