General Description

    It is an innovative energy-saving and emission reduction technology by making the most of various residual heat and waste steam. The desalinated water qualified is used as the make-up water for quality water users. BSIET designed and supplied the packaged equipment for the first set of seawater desalination device in Chinese iron and steel enterprises and is in the leading position in the industry in the aspects of independent design and technical development.   

    BSIET, as one of the earliest enterprises in Beijing City taking part in development and application of seawater desalination technology, has the ability of omni-process technical service such as seawater intake, thermal and membrane type seawater desalination, comprehensive utilization of brine, power and water co-generation technique, and has undertaken subject research such as national science and technology support program, national high-tech R&D program and major national industry projects. It has complied 4 national standards and industry standards such as Technical Specification for Low Temperature Multi-effect Distillation Technology of Sea Water Desalinization in Iron and Steel Industry, and owns tens of invention patents such as low temperature low pressure steam seawater desalination process, which plays a leading and exemplary role to the development of seawater desalination industry of China.

Superior Technology

BSIET can supply the all-process technical services in seawater intake, seawater pre-treatment, main desalination unit, product water storage and distribution and so on based on the different requirements from steam balance and desalted water users of the plant. The optimal operating parameters and main working conditions of main seawater desalination facilities can be confirmed in accordance with different boundary conditions of customers; low-temperature multi-effect device can be set separately or adopt the combination of low-temperature multi-effect device with steam turbine and other LLP gas source to perform seawater desalination by directly using low temperature low pressure steam

       Sea water desalination process by utilizing low temperature low pressure steam (invention patent, patent No.:200810103167.5)

This process adopts the combination of low-temperature and multi-effect device with turbine and other LLP gas source. The operating cost and equipment investment can be greatly reduced by directly utilizing the low temperature low pressure steam for seawater desalination.

       Technical Features

       ● Adopting surplus steam from the iron and steel plant for seawater desalination to reduce water production cost effectively.

       ● With double TVC, the system can operate under three working conditions, making use of large range of steam pressures.

       ● Reasonable selection of number of cells to ensure sufficient GOR and also save investment.

       ● Configuration of auxiliary facilities to guarantee the load of system adjustable between 50%-100%.

       ● Selection of domestic equipment and material as much as possible, independent fabrication and manufacture, high localization rate.

Typical Projects

4×12,500t/d seawater desalination system (thermal) for Shougang Jingtang Phase 1

2×35,000t/d seawater desalination system for Shougang Jingtang Phase 2 

20,000 t/d seawater desalination project for Shougang Hierro Peru S.A.A. (membrane)

100,000t/d seawater desalination for Aqualyng New Water Source Co., Cangzhou Bohai Development Zone Phase I project 



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