Superior Technology

1、Intelligent automatic control solutions
      Mainly specializes in setting plant design, instrument and control equipment design, instrument and control equipment integration, software compiling and site commissioning in one, providing all-round service for users. We undertake engineering design, technical consultation, technical service, integrated equipment, project EPC and other business, and have rich experience especially in metallurgical industry and basic automatic system design and commissioning of water treatment.  In the traditional area, automation covers the whole process of metallurgy, petrochemical, environmental protection and other industrial projects, as well as integrated water plant, thermal power plant and other municipal projects.
      New technologies and fields of main disciplines:
      Take the intelligent management and control system of air compressor unit as an example. The air compressor's gas production is controlled by the user's pressure, so that the gas production of compressed air is matched with the actual consumption, and the pressure fluctuation of compressed air pipe network is reduced, so as to maximally reduce energy consumption; Intelligent monitoring system, let real-time data collection in through PLC, and make it possible to upload to the cloud platform through the data acquisition gateway. Then it will transfer the real-time data collection to the database server, and the environment detection platform and the intelligent early warning platform which has passed the data modelling and analysis is realized through wireless terminal communication technology. The process data and historical curve can be viewed on the mobile Internet WEB and mobile APP, including process monitoring, historical data and energy consumption analysis, etc.

2、Intelligent weak current solutions
       Mainly specializes in integrated wiring technology, building automatic control technology, telecommunication technology, video monitoring, network technology, security protection technology, parking lot management, large screen release of information, access monitoring and other related equipment for integrated design, building an intelligent integrated system, as well as providing the overall solution for the intelligent city, intelligent park and intelligent building project in the high-technology field.
       Take the construction of unattended intelligent station as an example, through the establishment of a unified management platform, adopt the B/S framework structure in the control centre to carry out the unified management for environment monitoring, video monitoring, security alarming and other subsystems in the bin. The integrated monitoring and centralized management of the front-end unattended system can be realized by means of intelligentization. The network is used to effectively monitor and manage front-end images, environment, equipment operation status, access control, intrusion alarm, electronic patrol and lighting, etc., which has improved the real-time and effectiveness in monitoring front-end, reduced the personnel management cost, and improved the management efficiency. Generalization: unattended water pump house, refrigerating station, heat exchanger station, air compressor station, low voltage power distribution room, computer room and other industry sectors.

3、Intelligent traffic solutions
     The core of the intelligent traffic solution is the integrated traffic data management platform and the traffic management business application subsystems built on the platform. It supports real-time cleaning, integration and analysis of various traffic data. Through the accurate grasp of real-time road traffic situation and short-term demand forecast, the refined management of urban traffic can be realized, the utilization rate of traffic assets can be improved, and the citizen’s travel experience can be improved.
      The main contents are:
         1、Centre control layer-server, signal control system, (data collection, coordination control, remote control, fault detection, green wave path, record).
         2、Network layer-leasing operator optical fiber.
         3、Control layer at road junction-signal controller, geomagnetic detector, cantilever signal light.


Project References

       The projects carried out by the automatic team which integrate engineering, supply and programming in one nearly cover whole-process of metallurgy in recently. Mainly include:

       Sintering instrument control system engineering and supply of Shandong Ductile Iron Pipe Co, Ltd.; Hismelt smelting reduction instrument control system engineering and supply of Molong; BF-Steelmaking-continuous casting instrument control system of Wenshui; Wire-rod and bar production reheating furnace instrument control system engineering and supply of Qiangang, Shuigang, Guigang and Xuangang; pallet conveying instrument control system of Qiangang, Jingtang, and POSCO; Jingtang cross cutting, Qiangang pickling instrument control system, etc.

       Meanwhile, we have carried out a series of programming and commissioning work of energy and environmental protection projects. For example, the desulphurization and denitrification instrument control system engineering, supply, programming and commissioning of Jingtang Xishan; Pelletizing fume denitrification of Shougang Mining Co.; instrument control system engineering, programming and commissioning of Hierro Peru seawater desalination project, etc.


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