General Description

       Equipment manufacturing is the carrier of productization and marketization of scientific and technological innovation achievements. With powerful non-standard equipment development and design ability and packaged equipment supply ability of BSIET, adhering to the company’s patents and proprietary technology, and focusing on research and development of core equipment with our own intellectual property and mature technology etc., Equipment & Materials Dept. vigorously carried out the assembly and general assembly of such core equipment as the "SG" new energy intelligent heavy-duty carrier vehicle, seawater desalination, BF bell-less top equipment etc. Through base hatching and breeding, it accelerates the production of technology, expands markets, motivates derivative service business, builds data centre and maintenance platform, and promotes the product to the service-oriented industrial development. At the same time, it provides high cost-effective engineering equipment and package supply for all BSIET branches’ projects, and it also provides value-added services. 



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