General Description

       The bidding and procurement platform of BSIET builds the bidding systems and process of BSIET. It is also responsible for all materials, construction and installation, services and other bidding work of the branch companies and business departments of BSIET. Over ten years of operation, it has completed nearly 100 projects with metallurgical projects as the main part, and the total amount of completed bidding amounts to several billion of RMB. In the past two years, its completed annual amounts of tender and award of bid are both about 400 million, it has formed a complete set of perfect tender management system with modern project management characteristics, trained a group of tender professionals with project management experience, long-term participation in tender management, good professional quality and ideological quality, and provided all-round services for project tendering and bidding.

       Over ten years of accumulation and selection, the bidding and procurement platform has built up the “Vendor Resource Database” and the “Bid Evaluation Expert Database”, which include more than 3000 suppliers of various equipment, materials, construction and installation, municipal administration, etc., include more than 360 bid evaluation experts in engineering design, project management, cost consultation management and others of the whole Shougang system and the same industry in China, and provide strong support for the tender and bid evaluation of each project. In recent years, while continuously improving its own business, it has carried out extensive business exchanges and cooperation with large domestic bidding enterprises, such as Sinosteel Tendering Co., Ltd., Hebei Tendering Corporation, Ltd., etc., and it recently joined the China Tendering and Bidding Association (hereinafter referred to as "China Tendering Association") to create wider range of fields and development space for its entry into market operation and business promotion. 



Ma Qing    Fixed phone:  88298541