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       Our cost consulting professionals have rich working experience and excellent working ability in project settlement audit. They can adhere to the contract agreement as the core basis, examine and verify item by item, screen carefully, conduct audit with high professional ethics, scientific, rigorous, objective and fair attitude, and give full play to cost control and audit supervision in project cost control and management to ensure the authenticity and objectivity of audit report of completion settlement. In addition, on the premise of fully guaranteeing the audit quality, we will reduce the audit cost as much as possible, improve the audit efficiency, and really do a good job of auditing for the owners. 

Project References


Party entrusted

Project description

Content of project


Beijing Glass Group

Beijing Glasses City Phase II project

Settlement auditing


China 22MCC Building Company

450m3 BF project of Handan Zongheng Iron & Steel Co., Ltd.

Settlement auditing


Shougang basketball center

Gucheng cinema decoration and modification project

Settlement auditing


Shougang Guiyang Special Steel Co., Ltd.

New special material circular economy industrial base project of Shougang Guiyang Special Steel Co., Ltd.

Settlement auditing


Inner Mongolia Baotou Steel Union Co., Ltd.

2*4150m3 BFs project of Baogang New System

Settlement auditing


Baotou Iron and Steel (Group) Co., Ltd.

Baogang Guyang 2.4MTPA Pellet Project

Settlement auditing


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